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Sauerkraut Lovers 3-Jar Bundle

Sauerkraut Lovers 3-Jar Bundle

Save £2.50 on this pack of 3 special Sauerkrauts: The Yellow One, The Purple One and The White One. Delicious! Normal price £22.50.

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Our Process

first step

1. Harvesting

We work with our suppliers (local mostly) to get the best quality produce in an as enviromentally friendly & responsible manner as possible.

second step

2. Prep

This is basically shredding / cutting all the veggies, adding the herbs, spices, salting and allowing to "sweat". This creates the brine.

third step

3. Fermentation

Now we simply let old father time do his thing. Our purple, yellow and white ones ferment for at least 4 weeks. The red one is slightly different, it ferments in about 10 days.

final step

4. Jarring

For our sauerkrauts, we taste test from about 3 weeks into fermentation, for the Kimchi, we check around the 7 day mark. Once we believe our ferment has reached the right flavour and consistency, we jar them and refrigerate. This slows down fermentation and preserves it, ready to be shipped to you and your soon to be thankful tummy.

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