Helping you eat well & "go with your gut"

High  quality  raw  fermented  foods  made  with  fresh  ingredients  and  a  lot  of  love.

Our ferments are full of flavour & contain nothing but real ingredients - raw vegetables, the odd fruit, herbs, spices and high quality salt.

We harness the power of Mother Nature, using the age old practice of "Wild" fermentation to bring you a product that tastes good and does good.

We believe that by consuming fermented foods, it is a great way to contribute to you daily quota of veg and can be beneficial for your health.

We use beautifully fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices, deliberately chosen for their unique health benefits, then ferment them the traditional way to encourage the growth of specific beneficial bacteria.

The ever increasing evidence shows, when consumed regularly as part of a balanced diet, these beneficial bacteria may populate the gut and could help to improve energy, mood, health and well-being.

Additionally, our ferments are so versatile, quick and easy to use, that you can enjoy them with any meal or snack and instantly add some colour and flavour to that meal.

We all know that we should eat more veggies. Well, this may be the quickest, easiest and tastiest way to do it. No washing, peeling or scrubbing required.
Just open the jar and you’re ready to rock.

At Bottlebrush Ferments we are passionate about health and great tasting food and believe the two can go hand in hand - Ben & Hesh