Frequently Asked Questions

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Your products are  unpasteurised, are they safe to eat?

Yes, absolutely. Pasteurisation is designed to kill off any harmful bacteria and prolong shelf life, but the flip side of this is that it often also destroys the valuable nutrients contained within the food. This is especially true for the live beneficial bacteria, as they are very sensitive to heat.

We use a natural preservation method that promotes the growth of safe, healthy bacteria.

Why are you feeding me bacteria?

Our understanding of the Microbiome (our unique delicate bacterial ecosystem housed in the gut and on our skin, in our mouths, etc) has improved immensely in recent years and believe it or not, but you are more bacteria than you probably realize.

Our gut contains trillions of bacterial cells. In fact scientists have found that bacteria outnumber our own human cells by 10 to 1. Unfortunately with the industrial revolution, the rise of highly processed artificial foods and the over-subscription of antibiotics to us, we have done our best to destroy this once thriving ecosystem.

The negative knock on affect of this is massive – our gut plays a major role in regulating mood, behaviour, energy, immune function and hormone levels and it is now being linked to weight gain, metabolic disorders, inflammation and a whole host of other negative health problems. 

By eating foods containing good bacteria, it is possible to restore balance to the gut and make yourself more robust and resistant to all those nasty things mentioned.

Do I have to keep it in the fridge? 

In short, yes. Our products are live, raw and unpasteurised so they have to be kept chilled. Otherwise they will continue fermenting, will leak or may even explode and that's not a pretty sight. Or smell.

What can I eat it with?

Absolutely everything. They're vegan friendly so add them to salads and veg dishes, but also pair them with meat, fish or chicken, as a topping on a burger, use them to jazz up your cheese toastie. They also make a great addition to smashed avo on toast or eggs in the morning.

How much should I eat?

Start small. If you're new to fermented foods, go easy. Add a teaspoon or two a day and build up from there. Once your tummy is accustomed to the addition of all this new (beneficial) bacteria, our ferments can even replace one of your staple veggies in a main meal.