Fix8 Triple Ginger


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A naturally fermented tea crafted and cultured in small batches by hand in London. We make our flagship flavours by infusing our raw kombucha with medicinal-grade herbs, extracts and essences for a bigger, better buzz and flavour you can feel from the inside out. Our kombucha contains a living dose of bacteria, enzymes and organic acids to feed the gut. Fix8 is lightly sparkling, tart and refreshing in taste.

Choose the Triple Ginger for digestive fire, fragrance and pure feistiness with three dimensional ginger flavour that combines kombucha character with exceptional spice. Drink to invigorate, stimulate and ground.

Ingredients: Filtered water, Black Tea, Green Tea, Kombucha cultures, Cane Sugar, Fresh Ginger Juice, Ginger Extract, Ginger Oil.