Fix8 Kombucha triple bundle


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Fix8 is a premium kombucha born from an obsession with fermentation done properly. In a world of one dimensional and often unhealthy soft drinks reliant on sugar and caffeine, Fix8 gives a healthy high-intensity buzz that lifts you coupled with a level of flavour sophistication that only comes from an authentic craft brew.  Available in three flavours: Triple Ginger, Strawberry Tulsi, Citrus Saffron.

Founder and head fermentalist Freya discovered kombucha whilst living in Shanghai. Back home, the craving called and her parents London flat quickly become a kombucha micro-brewery. Still hand-crafted, now in the Fix8 London brewery, with a mission to champion the traditional way kombucha should be made with a SCOBY – no concentrates, sweeteners or sterile filtration.
Enjoy Fix8 as a functional pick me up, refreshing craft drink or sophisticated cocktail mixer that’s packed with living bacteria, B vitamins and active enzymes.

Triple Bundle includes 1 bottle of each: Strawberry Tulsi, Triple Ginger, Citrus Saffron.